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Arthrosis is a chronic illness which can produce the progressive deterioration of the cartilage of the articulations.

This deterioration is revealed with:

  • Pain, it depends on the evolution of the illness, the pain can be produced either during the normal physical activity or an excessive physic activity or when an important evolution has been already taken place. It is an illness which can produce pain even with a body reposed.
  • Rigidity will deform our articulation in the future

This illness is produced frequently at the senior citizen and it affects more women than men.

The treatment of the arthrosis is multidisciplinary starting from the analgesics, regeneration of the cartilage, etc. to physic treatment which improves the lack of mobility.

It is very recommendable for your physic treatment to maintain a good muscular tone without overloading the articulation and avoiding sport or abrupt exercises; and it is very important to be professionally advised by your doctor and good physiotherapist who lead you correctly in your initial exercises recommended for every kind of arthrosis depending on its location.

Treatment of arthrosis in the Institute of Thalassotherapy El Palasiet

  • Thermal therapy with sea water at the indifferent temperature either in a thermal tour or controlled by physiotherapist in the water or individually in the hydrothermal bathtubs.
  • Electrotherapy techniques are: ultrasounds, microwaves and laser.
  • Located wrapping with application of therapeutic muds.

Besides, we have to avoid staying in the same position for a long time and to realize exercises which will reduce stress caused by the pain: Yoga, Tai-chi.

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