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Five precepts of thalassotherapy

Five precepts of thalassotherapy


The Project has prioritized its success of thalassotherapy excellence, based on the orthodoxy within the thalassotherapy concept and its privileged location and the quality of the infrastructures. El Palasiet, which claims to be the first Spanish centre of thalassotherapy, maintains its pioneering privileges conserving meticulously five basic principles:

  1. It is located close to the sea, at 40 m in a straight line from the coast and its localization permits the perfect gathering of water as well as using of the sea micro climate qualities. The direct gathering of natural sea water is through a submarine pipe and it is used without any chemical treatment in the individual techniques of hydro therapy.
  2. There is a medical supervision of the treatments. All therapeutic treatments are prescribed by specialized doctors and they are personalized after previous consultation. Furthermore, the same recognized professional staff carry out the initial evaluation and they follow the correct execution of the indicated dynamics.
  3. The most suitable facilities. To provide the best facilities to apply the latest techniques of thalassotherapy has always been a great corporate goal. Four total refurbishments have been carried out in the establishment within a period of more than thirty years. Especially, the most recent was (the 22nd March 2002) the integration of the most effective water treatment systems to alter as little as possible the physic-chemistry qualities of the liquid element.
  4. High quality staff assistance. All the staff are perfectly instructed in the specific activity they perform according to the centre's tradition: doctors, physiotherapists, and hydro therapists, technicians in aesthetics and sports trainers.
  5. Maximum hygiene is guaranteed in the centre. El Palasiet demonstrates the most high standing thorough maintenance protocol.


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