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Non-surgical treatment of sports injuries

Non-surgical treatment of sports injuries


Non-surgical treatment is a previous step to the surgery intervention to recover from a lesion

This treatment has three main parts: protection, reducing of the inflammation and strengthening of the muscles and tendons.

1. Protection includes:

  • To reduce activities which cause pain: every continue movement bad produced causes pain in the future.
  • To modify all the activities which worsen the pain
  • To reduce time or intensity of the activity
  • Always to realize correctly the warm-up of the body musculature
  • To realize rests and correct stretching

Other protection methods are using of elastic elbow patch or wrist splint and, occasionally, the immobilization with plaster.


2-The second component of non-surgical treatment is focused on reducing the inflammation of the tendon, reduce pain and improve the functionality of the zone, it is a part more related with beneficial actions of sea water, thalassotherapy. We can reach it with different rehabilitation modalities.

  • Therapeutic massages realized by qualified specialists, we think always about dry massages realized in a cabin which are appropriated to treat lesions but it is important to highlight the functional rehabilitation of the injured zone immerged into the sea water swimming pool at the temperature we name it indifferent because this body temperature between 36-37ºC.
    The rehabilitation is realized by the physician with the patient in the swimming pool taking into account that the body immerged into the sea barely weighs, thus, the realized treatment to recover this lesion is easier to do and if we add an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing action of the sea water, the evolution time of this lesion is fewer.
  • The application of the techniques of electrotherapy: ultrasounds, laser, microwaves, magnet therapy, techniques with high analgesic and anti-inflammatory power. They are techniques applied locally, thus, the injured parts are treated, and, in addition, we choose treatments depending on the affected zone. Techniques are realized in combination with other treatments.
  • Applications and using of therapeutic muds. They have different names depending on the quantity of the solid or liquid components: muds, sludge, silt, peat, biogleas, sapropelly and gyttja. They are used for articular and muscular problems with healing, analgesic and hydrating properties. The techniques of the mud application are different: bath, immerging into the clay or diluted it in the bath water, wrappings spread clay over the body, the zone is wrapping with plastic and it is covered with hot blanket, poultices spread the clay over the zones we want to treat, compress: mixture of the clay and water and then we wrap it with the plastic material.


3-The third therapeutic step is the strengthening of the musculature, a program of the stretching can be useful to reduce the muscular tension over the affected tendon. The stretching includes an affected arm as well as neck, the upper part of the back and shoulder, hand, wrist, forearm and triceps. We always will take into account the orientation of a good physician to know how to realize correctly this stretching and the warming up of our muscular groups.

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