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Obesity and cellulitis

Obesity and cellulitis


The Programme Obesity and cellulitis is one of the most complete programme we have in our centre. Our main goal is the consecution of the volume loss and acquisition of tools such as reeducation of alimentary habits and physic exercises which permit us to maintain the weight and even continue losing it at home.

The programme’s duration is normally between 1 and 2 weeks but it is possible to adapt it to the client’s availability. During programme realization we control three fundamental pillars (food, sport and aesthetic treatments) to achieve a volume loss healthy and effectively under doctor’s supervision.


Dietetic treatment:

In the Institute of Thalassotherapy El Palasiet we know that the best weight loss diet is that which is adopted to our alimentary habits and let us feel ourselves well and motivated. Thus, we offer different diet possibilities after patient’s individual study: 1000 Kcal. diet, hyper protein diet, blood.., they will be supported by detailed study to achieve a light but attractive organoleptic diet with its specificity.

What is more, we propose you different kinds of breakfast and fruit bites, infusions in mid-morning and in mid-afternoon to get you used to 5 health ingestions to maintain glucose stable curve. On the other hand, the room service brings every day to the clients’ rooms, which follow this dietetic treatment, a bottle of the mineral water to drink it during their activities in the thermal centre because water is very important for cleansing your system.

As we have commented, to be reeducated alimentary is a fundamental thing to continue with treatments at home, that is why we realize every week talks related with the nutrition theme and a show-cooking takes place. In these workshops, our head chef prepares live 2-3 light recipes to demonstrate you that eating healthy can be attractive.

All above mentioned is included in the Obesity and Cellulitis Programmes without any additional cost.


Sport treatment:

On a sport level, in the Institute of Thalassotherapy El Palasiet we have a personal trainer who will show and guide you a sport pattern to realize in our gym but he will advise you which sport to do at home according to your liking depending on the areas you have near your house (parks, gym, static bicycle…) to teach you to do exercises properly and to lose fat without injuring yourself.

Furthermore, the programme includes taichí classes, yoga, aqua gym, guided walking along the beach and green route… privileged settlements which surround our centre.


Aesthetic treatment:

On a aesthetic level, in this programme we realize specific treatments with an aim to reach the weight loss and to improve the skin quality: Peelings complete draining which regenerate and soften the dermis, seaweed therapy wrapping with weight-reducing and reaffirming effects to provide a great re-mineralization, body mould treatment to improve the orange skin appearance and the supported skin fibres,… among them.

If you have any doubt or you want to receive more information, please fill in this medical questionnaire and our specialist will respond with information.


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