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Osteoporosis is characterized by the demineralization of the skeleton. This diminution of the bone mass or porous bones does not tend to be detected in the initial phase because of lack of symptoms. The diagnosis is confirmed with clinic signals such as little efforts or traumas (wrist, hip, humerus, and vertebra), the increase of the pain with an effort (back pain and low back pain) or the increase of kyphosis. The radiology examination will detect an exaggerated bone transparency. The pain could be chronic, intermittent or permanent.

Osteoporosis can begin after a long immobilization, caused by any illness or trauma and it tends to appear during the menopausal period, generally, between 55 and 65 years old, the pathology affects women because of a hormonal imbalance (parathyroid).

The medical treatment has to be realized preventive and therapeutic by a physiotherapist avoiding the factors which cause it as the posttraumatic immobilization, postoperative or during the illness.

Prevention is better than cure... that is why we are at your disposal

In the Centre of Thalassotherapy El Palasiet we propose you this preventive and therapeutic treatments:

  • A set of general, progressive and soft adapted exercises which are realized under the control
  • Soft bicycle
  • Swimming or movements assisted by the physicians in the swimming pool with sea water (36 º) (Hot hydrotherapy)
  • Circulatory massage and muscular trophic muscular
  • Respiratory pre-education
  • Mobilizations against light resistance
  • standing shell: premature vertical position it is a very important in case of illness, it will be progressive and it is advised two hours a day as minimum because the muscular contractions and pressure over the bones favor to return to the normal life.

We will continue insisting on prevention, we remind you that the first twenty years of our life a osseous increasing is produced and then the slow phase of decrease comes which is detected from the age of about fifty –five years old. That is why the prevention must be begun from the adolescence taking good habits such as routine physic exercises, food enriched in calcium, consumption of fresh food, folic acid, vitamin K, magnesium, vitamin D and exposure to the sun. In contrary we must avoid excess of salt, café, tea, sugar, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking. Furthemore, we have to take into account family history.

This way we have revised the illness of osteoporosis and we know that to fight against this disease it is very important to look after the health from the beginning, walking and to do light exercises every day, it is lots of fun, so come on!

If you want us to send you more information how to start a medical treatment against the osteoporosis in the Centre of Thalassotherapy El Palasiet you can fill a medical questionnaire in our website and we will send you all the information you need.

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