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Preventive physiotherapy

Preventive physiotherapy in our centre


The secret of the achievement of a healthy physic state is in the prevention, everybody knows that prevention is better than cure according to popular wisdom. In the Institute of Thalassotherapy El Palasiet we can help you offering some patterns based on five pillars of the health, these patterns must be followed by you in your routine life.

1. Respiration

Respiration is very important in our life. With the deep respiration the oxygen can reach all the parts of the body giving him vigor and obtains psychological and emotional calm. When we rest, we breathe between 12 and 15 times per minute, mobilizing some 6 litres of air. Our respiration increases with exercises to nourish with oxygen all the cells and the formation of necessary energy for the exercise.

Respiration can be:

  • diaphragmatic
  • complete: at the same time diaphragmatic, intercostal, sub clavicle

To know how we breathe we have to put a hand on the abdomen and the other on the chest. If the respiration is deep, we will feel when we inhale, the abdomen swells, the chest zone enlarges and the clavicle zone ascends slightly. If our respiration is superficial, the chest zone only will swell. Learn to breathe, revitalize your body, active the energy, relax and balance advised therapies in the Institute of the Thalassotherapy El Palasiet.

  • Yoga and stretching of muscular chains
  • Tai Chi and Chi Kung
  • Pilates
  • Respiratory exercises controlled by physiotherapist


2. Diet

It is fundamental and necessary to have correct alimentary habits to prevent lacks or any illness (obesity, malnutrition, cholesterol, diabetes…) and to make our body function correctly. Our diet has to be varied and balanced to provide all the necessary nutrients to our life style and to maintain a good health. It is necessary to change some habits in the diet, to learn to chew food prolong, to eat slowly, etc. If you have doubts or you want to be consulted seriously about an appropriated diet, our advice is to come to our Dietetic and Nutrition Technique of El Palasiet.


3. Exercise

There are all kinds of exercises depending on what we are looking for. We can work the Coordination, Balance, Muscle toning, Muscle building, stretching. We can use fitness apparatus, fit ball, elastic rubber, we can participate in gymnastic maintenance sessions, water classes, and we can ask for the physiotherapist and instructor consulting. All these activities are directed to increase the flexibility of the articulations and muscular strength and they are realized in the ideal surroundings.


4. Relax

These agitation times of the excessive activity we learn to relax and loosen up accumulated tension in our body and to apply the knowledge in the active life. It is an excellent anti stress activity. Our advice: sign up to the stretching sessions of Muscular Chains, Thai Chi and Chi Kung, to the Korean relax, to the traditional Thai Massage, to the Shiatsu, or to the relax massage with essential oils surrounded of relax atmosphere. Let you float in the marine swimming pool, feel how the water flows, enjoy the cascade, sauna, vaporarium and bubbles…


5. Meditation and Concentration

Our mind has great capacity to create but we cannot dominate it easily. We need to control it with inspection and concentration. To get meditating and not to think about anything is possible if we only concentrate, for example, on our respiration.

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