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Thalassotherapy Treatments

Thalassotherapy Treatments


Meeting all the professional specifications and fruitful innovative spirit it would be summarized that the Medical aesthetic Institute of thalassotherapy El Palasiet has one of the most avant-guard centre in Europe, equipped by Porcelanosa, Systempool, Jefer and Herrasti systems. As new parameter establish in vogue, the originated design (based on diaphanous and open spaces where the natural light takes precedence) constitute a main saving energy plan with healthy acclimatization dynamics and water treatment.

In our establishment sea water using contents series of measures focused on maintaining the intrinsic qualities of it; the water is used in less than 36 hours from its recruitment being used totally natural. To use the water in swimming pools according to the legislation of the using of the public swimming pools, it must be treated chemically but in our establishment we wanted to maintain as far as possible the therapeutic virtues of the water and we replace daily between 15% and 20% of the swimming pool water and we realize filtering cycles up just three hours (all swimming pool water passes through the filtering every three hours). To warm up the water it is necessary the process to be passed through the heat exchangers when the temperature never exceeds 52º temperature degrees.

Taking into account these appreciations the most leading techniques of thalassotherapy are offered:

  • Bio marine walk in the active swimming pool Thalasso: we speak about a magnificent bustling swimming pool of 200 m2 which strains water in just two hours and it includes series of devises of the water and air streams in different ways, degrees and intensity. Provided with series of mechanisms which permit to realize hydro kinetic therapy treatments (controlled movements under the water), the swimming pool permits also the realization of the collective techniques.
  • Finnish sauna: it is a pleasant pine wood construction with privileged perspective focused on the gardens. It consists in the application of sessions of dry heat.
  • Vaporarium: with condensation provoked by a constant flow of the hot sea water, we create a warm atmosphere in a natural way (41º).
  • Turkish-hammam bath: a rich Arabian bath tradition is adapted to the own and exclusive conceptualization. It is a wet heat (43º) in the relax environment.
  • Hydro massage baths: our exclusive designed bathtubs and with different possibilities of the application introducing also seaweeds (laminaria and fucus) extracted specially for our establishment by expert collectors. It is an authentic luxury designed for looking for the union between body and sea water.
  • Pressure streams: with sea water at 6 pressure atmospheres all the natural strength is used. It consists in the application of the hot and cold sea water streams under a big pressure (techniques kneipp and Scottish shower).
  • Phlebitis walk: sea water and cold air are boldly used at 26º in an endless walk, it is realized through special technique developed for the peripheral circulation problems and for tired legs.
  • Wrapping cabins: they are specially designed to apply body muds and seaweeds, the muds are recollected by boats near our coast. They are applied with the most modern techniques either on the hot beds or in the mini saunas thalatherm.
  • Massage cabins under the water (shower vichy): designed cabins to realize massage under the pleasant dribbling sew water shower what favors to the introduction of the sea water into the human body.

In addition to these specific techniques of thalassotherapy, we have series of the additional techniques which help to develop the special treatments applied in our establishment, we can highlight some of them:

  • Physiotherapist sessions: all the therapeutic programmes introduce sessions with physiotherapists with technical certificate who realize massages and mobilizations, what is more, they supervise and lead the activity in the special gym.
  • Mechanotherapy: specific techniques realized in in the rehabilitation gym equipped with all means for an effective rehabilitation.
  • Massages: a wide range of massages focused on the relax and beauty realized by specially trained staff for it.
  • Cabins for aesthetic treatments.
  • Big gym and rooms for collective activities.

Everything combining with mesoesthetic apparatus, LPG Sorisa and Garcia Muñoz Fund; in cosmetics, of Thalgo and Natur Nuá; in textiles, of Hosteltex and Vayoil; and, furniture, by Ecopostural. In addition to the purely thalassic applications, the additional treatments are realized in the massage cabins (manual techniques) and electrotherapy(micro waves, short wave, ultra sounds, magneto therapy, press therapy…)

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