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The Institute of Thalassotherapy

The Thalassotherapy in our Institute is used because of therapeutic virtues of the sea water, seaweeds and sea muds and sea climate which have beneficial effects not more than 2 km from the seacoast. An effect of the sea baths in the swimming pool with 36º - 37 º as sea water steam room facilitate the movement, it is relaxing and has effects against the pain.
Sea water is used in the hydro massage baths with seaweeds and mud wrapping. In addition, the Institute has gyms (in the swimming pool or dry), strengthening and muscular agility departments, the Asian techniques like yoga, shiatsu, Thai massage, etc. There is an electrotherapy department in the Institute to treat rheumatic processes, obesity and cellulitis.
All the therapies are supervised by doctors and they are realized by physiotherapists, massage specialists, clinik assistants, trainers, etc. Everything is for general wellbeing, rejuvenation, stress, somatic and psychological wellbeing through the relaxing techniques with nowadays so long expectation of the life length, where we have to arrive as late as possible in good physical and mental conditions. 
The nutrition of the Young people is necessary and basic. There is a nutrition department in the Institute for it which is supervised by a diet specialist and there is a specialized cooking for obesity, cellulitis and healthy diet. There is aesthetics section in the Institute too which has a qualified staff in the modern installations. 
The Institute of thalassotherapy has a 4 stars hotel near the sea with magnificent sea views, in the middle of the plot of 20 thousand mt2  of pine wood and palms which give a relaxing atmosphere to facilitate the therapeutic indications to fight against the ageing, rheumatic diseases, cervical pains, back pains and lumbago. The marine climate contributes for it, there is a soft sea and almost every day sunny climate in the Institute of Thalassotherapy in Benicassim.
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