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Characteristics & applications of Thalassotherapy

Characteristics and applications of Thalassotherapy

Sea water has a similar composition to blood plasma with a re-equilibrating effect through the absorption by osmosis in the human body, it must maintain its inalterable wealth, and thus it cannot be transported nor conserved because of its very limited storage possibilities.

Its applications are as follows:

  • Thalassotherapy: natural sea water using heated till the temperature between 34 and 36 º the treatments are realized in bath tubs, under showers and pressure streams, etc.
  • Hydro kinesthetic therapy: We take benefits of sea water weightlessness effect realizing exercises in the sea water, an 80 - kilogram man or woman has a relative weight of 20 kilograms in the fresh water and they have a relative weight of 8 kilograms in the sea water.
  • Hydro massage: a controlled action of the pressurized water steams and air is applied in the bathtub_ it is very efficient for the vascular drainage and the effects over the muscular mass.
  • The seaweed and marine mud complete efficiently the therapeutic action of the sea water because they provide with an iodine and oligoelements which accelerate the processes of the Exchange of substances. The seaweed application is realized directly in the bathtubs and with hot compresses applied on the determined body parts.
  • Silt therapy or pelotherapy: they are applied with wrapping of the affected zones but they add a physical, thermic effect because of its capacity to maintain the temperature.
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